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    CSP training modules are designed to give you specialist knowledge and the edge to boost your sales to Canada.

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    You learn online about Canada by using fun, interactive
    tools with lots of imagery and the up-to-date facts you need.
    It’s that easy!

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    Be recognized as a Canada Specialist
    and get access to sales tools, marketing
    resources and unique benefits.

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The Canadian Tourism
Commission presents the
Canada Specialist Program

The Canada Specialist Program is an educational tool designed by the CTC to train travel trade professionals like you about travel to Canada.

View all of the benefits.

Once you sign up for the Canadian Specialist Program, you’ll have access to the key suppliers of all our Canadian experiences. All you need to do is complete each module.

With the online training tool, you can create your own sales files. Keep your notes, ideas and key learnings in one place. And you’ll get message templates created for all for this Canadian content; add your own personal message and send them to your clients. How easy is that?

Pass all of the specialist quizzes and you’ll be able to access the CSP reduced travel rates on our independent FAM page.

After you’ve completed the Canadian Specialist Program, you can post your contact details on our consumer website (www.canada.travel). When consumers are looking for specialized travel information on Canada, they can come straight to you.

Message from Travel Trade Manager

Welcome to the Canada Specialist Program!

CSP was developed for international travel agents. Destination Canada is pleased to make this website available to global operators offering travel advice to consumers. Tools and resources for Canadian tourism industry suppliers are available on our corporate website at www.keepexploring.ca/corporate